Laser Tag Gaming in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Combat Challenge is an exciting laser combat game using state of the art authentic infra-red weapons with a range of up to 200 metres.

You can experience being part of a real life computer game set outdoors with authentic live sounds and game plays. It’s completely safe with no hidden costs. It's a great fun day out for all the family with participants from the age 8 upwards able to take part in our games.

You can take part in:

Read more about Edinburgh Combat Challenge here...

Gaming Sessions

We have 3 sessions available –
1 hour play session for £14 per person
(approx. game time 45 mins)
1.5 hour session for £18 per person
(approx game time 1hr 15mins)
2 hour session for £22 per person
( time 1 hour 45 mins).

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